Trout Trips
First we set up camp after being dropped off by a float plane.
Then we prepare for fishing a World class trout fishing stream.
Trout fishing will take you even further back into the remote Becharof Wildlife Refuge. You will take a float plane from the main camp to one of the small streams where we will camp and catch endless Arctic char, Rainbow and Arctic Grayling.
This trip includes guide, fishing gear, food and tents, all full service. You will see a great deal of wildlife along with some of the greatest trout fishing you can imagine. At this time a million plus Sockeye Salmon have gone by the camp and are up in these creeks spawning. The trout will be in behind the spawning Sockeye Salmon eating eggs and they are fat, voracious and aggressive. This trip is offered as an extension of your six day five night stay at the camp. For this trip you will need to provide your own bed roll and sleeping bag.
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